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Why study the diploma of community sector management?

There is a wide range of benefits associated with studying community sector management at the diploma level. Graduates can build a successful career in an industry that is rewarding and fulfilling. Myupskills is Australia’s reliable private provider of vocational education and training. We offer a range of courses, including diplomas, certificates, and associate degrees in a number of specialist fields to help you achieve your career goals.

When it comes to studying, you might think of university or TAFE and various subjects, but how much thought have you put into studying in the community sector?

Myupskills has designed a new diploma of community sector management to help people develop skills and expertise in the field. It’s an excellent option for people who want to work with low-income, homeless or vulnerable people – or anyone who wants to work in the social services sector.

Study Community Sector Management is designed to develop research, leadership, advocacy, and program management skills with a focus on the ‘third’ sector; non-profit, voluntary, and community organizations. It is designed for students who enjoy dealing with people and want to make a difference in their communities and organizations.

In addition to being structured around key learning areas, there are also opportunities to undertake elective units that reflect the diverse range of community-based organizations in Australia. Students can choose from over 100 units, including courses in governance, business operations, sustainable practice, volunteer management, social enterprise, leadership, and advocacy.

Full-time students can choose from several start dates throughout the year and take advantage of flexible delivery options, including weekend classes, intensive classes, or both.

What are the Benefits of a Community Sector Management Diploma?

A diploma in leadership and management is a qualification by which you can become an accredited organizational leader.

The qualification is outlined to provide you with the specialized knowledge, skills, and understanding to lead visibly in the community sector.

In addition, we have many advantages over other Colleges, such as; we teach classroom and online so the students can learn at the comfort of their home. Our College has the most affordable tuition fee, unlike other Colleges that charge various student fees without considering their financial status. We also have flexible study time and flexible payment descriptions. We do not require any deposit like other colleges requiring a huge deposit.

What jobs can I get through the Diploma of Community Sector Management?

The Diploma of Community Sector Management is a diverse, innovative course. You can explore your interests in the community and help your community simultaneously. And you will gain valuable skills to assist you in finding employment or starting your own business. There are lots of jobs you can get with the diploma in community sector management! A lot of people choose to work in the non-profit or community sector, and some of the careers you can get include:

  • Community Development Officer
  • Community Sector Development Officer
  • Youth Worker
  • Youth Development Practitioner
  • Project Coordinator
  • Social Justice Worker
  • Community Services Worker

These are just some of the jobs that you can get with a Diploma of Community Sector Management. Some other types of jobs you could get with this qualification include office administrator, event organizers, and more.

You can find out more about jobs in the community by logging onto the National Careers Service website. You can also read up on other courses offered by Study In course finder tool.

The Diploma of Community Sector Management provides you with the skills for various roles across the community and social services sector. You will study topics such as community development and social justice, managing volunteers, and social marketing.

Is the Diploma of Community Sector Management worth it?

Community sector management is a course designed to teach people to manage non-profit organizations.

A growing field, the employment outlook for those working in this sector is quite good. In 2016, there were more than 668,240 non-profit organizations in Australia, and it is projected that number will continue to rise.

The Equal Opportunity Employment Commission reported over 686,000 non-profit organizations total in the 2011 fiscal year; of this, more than 180,000 were considered grant-making foundations. Both of these figures are projected to rise as well.

The fact that the demand for non-profits continues to grow means that the need for trained management will also continue to grow.

Community Sector Management course we offer :

  1. CHC62015 Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management
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