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How to become an effective event planner I Distinction between event planner and manager

This post is more suited to answer your questions on how to be an effective event planner. Becoming a
great event planner can be a challenge for someone who is only been in the position a few times. There
are plenty of details that come into play when planning events. You need to consider the space you are
renting, finding the right vendors, making sure everyone is on the same page, and more. Event planning
may be considered a job in the professional world, but it is an art in itself.

While the role of an event planner may seem self-explanatory, you still need to know some of the basics
of this particular profession.

Whether you are just commencing your career as an event planner or whether you've been working for a
while, there are some aspects and skills that every event planner needs to know and master. And, we
can help you with that.

Here at Oscar Academy, we've come up with some steps to becoming a successful and efficient event

Get hands-on experience

To put their class studies into practice, individuals should get hands-on practical experience planning
events alone or by taking part in an internship with an event management firm.

Ambitious planners can acquire experience by volunteering for activities at their institution, like helping
the student union program live concerts, comedy shows, celebrations, and sports events.

Similarly, folks can obtain hands-on practical experience by and helps to manage business meetings at
their job or by volunteering for a charity organization that coordinates events.

Learn sector technology

Event planners must have expert plans which are used in the industry, such as customer relationship
management, project management, and sales and marketing software programs. These professionals
may use certain applications that incorporate Marketo Marketing and Automation, Microsoft Project,
Active Network EventRegister, etc.

Choose a specialty area

Even though some event organizers are generalists, others opt to specialize in a particular
event—especially if they want to start off their own event management company. A few of the niche
individuals can concentrate on consist of wedding parties, birthdays, conferences, meetings, fundraisers,
shopping mall events, and business retreats.

Make portfolios

Whether or not event planners are trying to find employment or clients, a stock portfolio is really a way
to demonstrate their abilities and achievements. Portfolios may incorporate photos of the events they
arranged, press clippings, recommendations, and event brochures or wedding invitations.


Additionally, any challenges that must be defeat relevant to tight deadlines or budgets or innovative
constraints ought to be revealed to help you emphasize the opportunity to work under stress.

Build network

The best approach to kickstart your career in events is usually to network, network, and network—it’s
exactly about who you know and who knows you. To set yourself available, enroll in networking events
sponsored by hospitality organizations. Networking might seem daunting at first, but it's an essential
talent in this industry.

What is the Distinction between event planner and manager?

The phrases event planner and event manager are frequently interchanged, with clients not
understanding exactly which they should hire for their event. Though a lot of the skills and roles overlap,
there is one primary Distinction.

An event planner is mainly responsible for planning before the real event. This includes selecting the
place, theme, format, caterers, and so on. The event planner will make sure things are all set up for that
event, putting frameworks into position to ensure that the big event runs smoothly once it commences.
An event manager accounts for organizing the event and managing the genuine event by itself. As well
as the pre-planning, they will ensure that logistics like staff managing, room design, and schedules are
on the path.

Simply, when a client desires an event planned but is delighted to implement the exact celebration
themselves, they will need to have an event planner. Nonetheless, once they require an event to be
planned and for someone to be on-site in the event, then they need an event manager.

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